RiverBend Films

Commercial Projects

The commercial projects segment of RiverBend Films's portfolio consists of those projects that were done for businesses and non-profit entities and includes a vairety of different film and video productions including training videos, commercials, corporate presentations, interviews, promotional vidoes, slide shows, advertisements, and fitness tapes. Our clientelle is as diverse as our project genres and includes middle market corporations, churches, non-profits, government, and small businesses. All of our commercial projects have brought to bear the complete range of our sophisticated production and post-production solutions, including 1080p high definition photography, advanced post production sound including Dolby Digital surround, DVD and Blu-Ray disc authoring, web-based video, and Adobe Creative Suite and AVID editing solutions. A series of sample clips from a brief number of our productions features below.


Full Video Clips

The McGlothlin Courtroom: Using Classroom Mode (HD 1080p)HD

The McGlothlin Courtroom: Court Reporter Station (HD 1080p)HD

Ryan McElveen For Fairfax County School Board (HD 1080p)HD

Brown Distributing Promotional Video 2010 (HD 720p)HD

Zeiders Clinical Counselor Recruiting Video (HD 720p)HD

Sample Clips

Brown Distributing Company of Richmond Promotional Video 2008

Brown Distributing Company of West Palm Beach Promotional Video 2009

Brown Distributing Company 25th Anniversary Video