RiverBend Films

The Quantum Suicide of Sophie Miller
What are the odds?
Origins Film Festival Official Selection 2016


What are the odds? And thus beings The Quantum Suicide of Sophie Miller, which tells the story of Dr. Sophie Miller, a neurotic and introverted physics professor who, consumed by repressed guilt and afflicted with a self-imposed incapacity to assign meaning to interpersonal relationships, is compelled to multiple suicide attempts in pursuit of an absurdly rational scientific quest: to either prove by her life or disprove by her death a concurrently fantastic and infinitely alluring theory--quantum immortality. On the surface, quantum immortality is merely the theoretical byproduct of a mathematical oddity of particle physics, but for Sophie and others who understand its philosophical implications, it calls into question our perception of time, mortality, and our very notion of reality. For Sophie, her quest is greater than just a dispassionate pursuit, but rather the inevitable result of a long chain of causality, a potential vindication of her own stubborn rationality, and an apology to herself and to her family for what she believes and what she could not bring herself to believe.

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