RiverBend Films

The Artist
If you could choose . . . would you be the hero?


From the critically-acclaimed creators of The Receipt comes The Artist, which tells the story of Alex, a comic-book connoisseur entering his final year of college. Through a psychology class he meets, and falls for, a fellow student named Rebecca. As his relationship with her grows, Alex discovers that hiding beneath Rebecca's soft, caring surface is a troubled past and signs of continued anguish. Reminded of buried trauma from his own past, Alex begins to confuse past and present, fantasy and reality, and weaves for himself a delusion wherein he becomes the real-life hero from his comic-book sketches. As delusions unravel and reality sets in, The Artist becomes a story of star-crossed lovers, secrets revealed, the enduring pain of loss, and the encapsulating psychological hold the powerful wield over the powerless.

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